Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Q & A

I'm a big fan of Top Gear, a TV show mainly about cars presented by a balding fat bloke with no taste, Captain Slow, and a hamster, shown in the UK. I'm also a big fan of the Top Gear magazine, basically the TV show on paper, but with added perks. There's a section on the magazine called Q&A, where they ask celebrities some questions related to cars (obviously).

Since I currently have nothing better to do here at work, as all the licenses for the software I need to use to do my work are taken (thank god for that!), I'm having a go at answering those questions myself.

1. Where do cars rank on your personal scale of all things good?
It comes after my wife and family obviously.

2. Can you tell us how to make donuts?
Erm...to be honest I've never done one. Quite sad eh?

3. You've got all weekend to drive from London to south of France; what's the car and who's in the passenger seat...?
To chill out and enjoy the scenery, definitely a DB9 Volante, top down with my wife at the side. That would be so cool.
To get there as soon as possible, mmm...let me see. An SL55 AMG possibly, just by my self...ooh that would be wicked!!!

4. ...and what's on the stereo?
To chill out, some Coldplay, Joss Stones, John Legends and the likes.
Otherwise, bring on old school stuff. Limp Bizkit, RATM, and Stone Temple Pilots please!

5. Can you tell me the difference between the smell of frying clutch from the smell of burning rubber?
What's the difference smell wise, I can't tell you. What's the difference between the reaction upon smelling a frying clutch and smelling burning rubber, you're usually feeling ecstatic smelling burning rubber, but most probably you're fucked up smelling a frying clutch!

6. What's the fastest you've ever driven?
About 120mph in a 5 series Beemer

7. What one gadget would make life behind the wheel easier for you?
A car with a flying mode to use during traffic jams. I hate traffic jams. It sucks.

8. Does the shape of your genitals affect the way you drive?
I would say, yes it does, for obvious reasons.

9. How much is a litre of petrol?
About an arm and a leg.

10. Who or what caused your worst car crash?
A pothole in the road, and an asshole driver who swerved into mine just to miss the pothole. Oh, and I guess power assisted steering and lack of car control experience.

11. What winds you up most about other drivers?
Inconsiderate and selfish drivers...you get that alot in Malaysia. Sheesh.

12. What's the one piece of advice you'd give to other drivers?
Never assume that you're one of the best drivers in the world. Never ever. Just...don't.

13. Is there one car you'd like to drive before you die?
Pagani Zonda F, among others.

14. Is there a car you're contractually obliged to plug?
I guess, I'm obliged to plug the Lotus Exige S, but I would be absolutely happy to do so. With breathtaking performance, it's the fastest accelerating Lotus ever to come off the production line.

That's more or less it. Feel free to answer them yourselves!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

zamir ni jue la. hahah. main2 je.

10:36 am  
Blogger Soraya said...

joss stone & coldplay? are you sure? nanti tak bole 'join in' :p

2:35 pm  

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