Saturday, December 31, 2005

Resolution time... again?!??!?

So it's new year's day now, and somehow this new year has crept quietly on me. I mean, 2005 has passed so quickly, I didn't even notice that it's gone. Well, that's not completely true, as I knew 2006 was looming around the corner, but you get what I'm trying to say, don't you? It's not until I witnessed the fireworks display from the London Eye on telly last night that it really hit me hard, smack in my face. Wow, it's 2006 now. But after a few seconds, I realised, so what?!? Why is going into a new year so significant? It's basically just another day, isn't it?

The main thing that I don't understand with the new year is how people always make new year's resolutions. To me it is all a bunch of bull crap, because it's just a way of people making excuses to procrastinate in improving their lives. A mate of mine asked me yesterday, what my new year's resolution would be for this year. I couldn't be bothered to argue with him about how I think resolutions are nonsense, so after thinking about it a bit, I said, "My new year's resolution would be to get an Aston Martin DB9 and drive from here to my hometown in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia".

Come on, think about it. It's a peach of a car. It's agonisingly stunning, it's got pedigree, it's got a huge V12 inside, and most importantly, it's a GT. Which means, it's designed to go long distances. And Norwich to Kuala Lumpur is long distance. I know the DB9's downfall is it's flappy pedal gear shifting and transmission, but I'm not thrashing it around a track, am I? I'd be driving it calmly and smoothly, and the DB9 would be perfect for that.

The other thing is the route. Thankfully, Asia and Europe are connected with each other, and the UK is connected with Europe through the Channel Tunnel. So far so good. From the UK, I'd be going through France, Germany, the Chech Republic, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine before getting into Asia. With all the fucked up things happening in the Middle East, and also the small obstacle of the Himalayas, I think I'd take a longer route through China. So from Ukraine, I'll continue through Russia, and Kazakhstan into China. From there, I'll drive this side of the Mekong River, into Burma, Thailand and finally Malaysia. Home sweet home.

OK, realistically, It's not as simple as that. Firstly, the distance. As the crow flies, the distance is about 10,500 km. Driving on the surface, I think it would be safe to assume to be twice that number, about 20,000 km. Then theres the huge assumption (especially in Western China where it's just a huge dessert) that there would be roads at acceptable standards for me to drive on. Then there's reliability issues. Come on, how good the engineering would be, the DB9 is still considered a super car, and we all know that supercars have reliabilities of a 15 year old lorry. Oh, and let's not forget the smallish fact of where I'm gonna get £110,000 to buy the car. I can't even afford to pay off my debts, and that's only less than 2% of that.

Back to the conversation I was having with a mate of mine, he said his resolution would be to quit smoking and get married to his fiance. I guess I should set driving the DB9 back home as my resolution for, say 2020. For this year, I guess I'll just have to lose wight and pay off my debts. Woohoo. Happy new year.


Blogger Jack Red said...

I've got three DB9's running around somewhere out there now, and none of them have had any problems. One's a daily driver and has a good 70k miles on it.

The hard part is gas--or petrol, if you'd prefer. Along with motor oil. So long as there's a road,e ven if it's dirt, I think the DB9 is capable of running on it. They do okay in six inches of snow.

Now, if you were really going to pick a practical sports car to do this in, I'd be inclined to go with a Subaru WRX STi wagon, an Audi RS6 Avant (wagon), or a Volkswagon R32. They've got enough space in the back for food, water, and stuff to keep the car happy. And they've all got AWD.

Out of the three, top pick is the STi, by far. The RS6 is just too powerful, really. The R32 isn't as big. And both the RS6 and the R32 really suck on gas. The STi ain't so bad.

10:07 am  
Blogger BeachBunny said...

What? 13 hours flight just not long enough for u to come home to see me? :p

12:19 pm  
Blogger speed junkie said...

That's where you've got it wrong babe. If I could afford a DB9 in the first place, that means we'll already be together, you and me. Don't you think? ;) And we wouldn't have to be apart no more.

4:34 pm  
Blogger Jack Red said...

lol @ convo

You got a Golf? Shit, my first car was a 1992 Golf GL! This was the body style before yours, very boxy and squared off. Made a grand total of 86-hp stock. And that's CLAIMED hp. Probly more like 75. I made it into a dirt rally beater, was able to get 165 out of it. Quite a lot of horsepower for such a small car. Had a rollcage and everything.

Total money spent? Probly like $500 by the time I was really done with it. And that was for tires. Everything came out of the junkyard. So long as you're able to deal with your parts being oily and dirty, junkyard stuff is fine. In fact, I've had an easier time finding good stuff in junkyards than I have in catalogues.

And to find the best parts for a higher-end car...easy. Just look for a wrecked-up, twisted mass of metal that looks like it might have been the car you have now once upon a time. The most savagely destroyed car there is going to be the one that was going the fastest when it hit the biggest, hardest object. And that's going to be the one with all the trick gear on it. My old ex-girlfriend and I built a 1992 Supra solely out of junkyard parts...from chassis to engine to suspension and right down to tires, we paid for nothing. By finish time 6 months later, the thing ran 10-second 1/4-miles.

But the 92 Golf is still an okay starting point. The engine is mildly concerning, but so long as it's not a problem with the block, you're fine. Big power is really worthless anyways.

Hmm..what would I do? Sticky tires, first off. Budget autocrossers would do well. R-compound rubber is probly not worth it. I'd also remove the rear seat to shave some weight off of a very heavy chassis. Unless I was going to get big tires, the rims are probably also not worth the money if you're on a budget. The exhaust is definately worth cutting into. A 2.5" straight one will do well, and won't be illegal or expensive. Should run about $250-$300 (over here, at least). ECU is probably not worth cracking. I'd have a cold air intake plopped on there, too. OEM intakes and exhausts are always restrictive. Suspenson isn't worth tackling just yet, but a set of anti-roll bars is cheap and very worth it. A strut tower bar will run about $150-$200, can be installed by anyone, gives the engine compartment a neat look, and helps tighten up the front. I'd be more concerned with the rear strut towers; on a hatchback, the frame is very weak around the trunk lid, and flexes A LOT. The subwoofers are a must, but you don't need that much power to get a big sound. For $120 or so, you can get a Rockford Fosgate amp rated to deliver 400 watts continuous and 1000 watts peak. It's a good sub. For $200, you can obtain a pair of Kenwood Tsunami 10" subs, which will sound great and handle all that power (make sure your subs can handle the amp's power; if they can't, very bad things happen). A good enclosure will run about $50.

Short list:
-2.5" exhaust...$250-$300
-cold air intake...$250
-tires...$400 total
-antiroll bars...$250/pair, $150 rear
-strut tower bar...$175

8:59 am  
Blogger Craig said...

Hey, great blog!!

I too love the DB9 and always wanted a DB5.

Youre from Kuala Lumpur? do you have any tips, I'm going there in march/april and can't wait!

Happy new year

9:47 am  
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