Monday, January 16, 2006

When foul play becomes a delight.

I went to the Autosport International Motorshow in Birmingham last week, and what I saw there were some brilliant stuff. However, none more so than the Maybach Excelero. The Excelero is a 2.66 tonne luxury car with a 6 litre V12 pushing 700bhp with a top speed in excess of 217mph and a nought-to-sixty figure of just 4.4 (I kid you not!!!) seconds. I've seen pictures of this beast on the net quite a few times now, but nothing prepared me for what I was about to see at the motorshow.

It's very hard to explain the experience of seeing this car in real life. The sheer brilliance of this machine was unbelievable. I think I stood there with my jaw wide open for atleast 30 seconds, and that is no exaggeration. It was massive, in an 'in your face' sort of way, provocative, yet it's stream lined curves subtly and discreetly make it pleasing to the eye. It's like a freakin' mobster with an Uzi in one hand and a cigar in the other saying "What are you looking at, you fucking piece of shit!", while it's obvious that class and elegance oozes out of him. It was awesome.

But that was not what was bothering me about this car. The most unbelievable fact about this car was that it was designed just to test a set of new tyres. It's just so unacceptable how Fulda can spend tonnes of money developing a crazy car like this just to test a set of new tyres. I mean how unfair has the world become? I'm working in the automotive industry and currently with a company which is in a process of developing a new car, and I have to say that it's a real struggle to keep to the (very low) budget. And here you get something like this just to test a set of new tyres.

Well, I know that this move was done to keep to the tradition of the tyre company, as this was not the first time a car was developed to test their new tyres. In 1938 the world was stunned by the Maybach SW 38 which had speeds of more than 120 mph (trust me, it might not sound much now, but in 1938, that was considered 'blinding' speeds). And now, the new tyres were designed to withstand the forces of a heavyweight car going at very high speeds. Since a car that fits the testing requirement was not available, so they just developed one.

But still, it's foul play, obnoxious, loathsome, atrocious, completely and utterly unacceptable!

I love it!!!

Mayback Excelero

Engine: 5.9 litre V12

Power output: 700bhp

Torque: 738 lbft

Top speed: >217 mph

0-60: 4.4 seconds